Master the Art of Fasting: Your Ultimate Ramadan Guide!

Prepare for Ramadan with our online course covering the Fiqh of Fasting. Unveil the beauty of this sacred month as we guide you through the essential rules of fasting, bringing you closer to Allah. Imagine confidently navigating Ramadan, avoiding common mistakes, and fulfilling your duties with grace. With access to recordings, you'll embark on this transformative journey at your own pace. Don't just observe Ramadan – truly understand it. Join us now and let this year be the one where your connection with Allah deepens, making each day of fasting a meaningful step in your spiritual growth.

All lessons are pre-recorded and are available immediately upon purchase.

Unique Learning Experience

Embark on a transformative educational experience guided by Shaykh Ahmed's exceptional teaching style. Offering a unique blend of depth and clarity that effortlessly breaks down difficult concepts. The authenticity of his instruction creates an engaging learning atmosphere, turning each lesson into a meaningful learning experience. Shaykh Ahmed's dedication to simplifying complex subjects ensures accessibility for all students, allowing people from all backgrounds to connect with the material. Join us for an exploration of knowledge, and open the doors to a meaningful and transformative ramadan!

Sacred Knowledge

Prepare for Ramadan with Ihsan institute with our course crafted to guide you through the Fiqh of fasting. Gain a heightened understanding of the rules and regulations that govern this sacred month, uncovering a wealth of knowledge that not only enhances your awareness as a Muslim but also strengthens your connection with God. Knowing the intricacies of fasting is vital for every Muslim – it safeguards against common mistakes and ensures you fulfil your duty towards Allah with sincerity and perfection. Join our course to equip yourself with the essential knowledge, deepening your connection with your faith and navigating the common obstacles found in Ramadan.

Be Prepared

Discover the power of preparation; Get ready for Ramadan with our course! We stress the need for thorough preparation, going beyond just physical readiness to cover both your spiritual and legal sides. By highlighting preparation as the key to unlocking your full potential, we're dedicated to making sure you embark on a transformative and enriching s journey throughout the sacred month. Join us for a course that sets the stage for your best Ramadan yet!

What Previous Students Think Of Us:

"The teacher is very learned in a breadth of sciences, and provides a wealth of traditional knowledge. The atmosphere is very friendly and there is ample opportunity to ask questions. The organisers are highly responsive and supportive at every stage. The course also led to being introduced to other great opportunities of seeking knowledge." - Nikolai

"The course with Shaykh Ahmed was incredibly beneficial for me. The Shaykh had a particular way to exemplify all the rules and keep us engaged throughout the course . As a very busy mum I could do the classes and replay them whenever needed. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their salah and religious practice." -Nadia